Reimbursements from supplemental health insurance

At The Laser Clinic, skin therapy treatments and laser therapy with a medical indication are eligible for reimbursement under the supplementary health insurance. Skin therapy and laser therapy are not included in basic insurance. The advantage of reimbursement from supplemental health insurance is that no deductible applies.

The skin therapy treatments eligible for reimbursement are: acne therapy (from care profile acne grade 2), camouflage therapy and facial excessive hair.

For the amount of reimbursement, it is best to check your own policy terms and conditions. On average, reimbursement is between €100 and €700 per year. Conditions and amounts are adjusted each year. We therefore recommend checking and comparing at the end of the year to see if supplemental health insurance is (still) out. Sometimes the fees are less than the amount you have to start paying extra each month. In that case, it is more beneficial to pay for the treatments yourself. If you are in doubt about whether or not something will be reimbursed, contact your health insurance company. You are always responsible for submitting the claim yourself.

The Laser Clinic meets all requirements

The Laser Clinic | Skin Therapy is affiliated with the Dutch Association of Skin Therapists (NVH) and is registered in the paramedics quality register. These registrations are necessary to ensure the quality of the skin therapist. This means that the skin therapist is always up to date and familiar with the latest guidelines and developments. These are also conditions set by the health insurance company to reimburse treatments.

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With what medical indications is reimbursement possible?

Conditions and requirements vary from one insurer to another. In general, you can get reimbursement with the following indications: facial over-hair, pigmentation spots or melasma in the face, acne or acne rosacea, (acne) scars in the face and in case of extreme color differences in the face such as a wine stain.

Do I need a referral letter?

Skin therapists are freely available to everyone. Some health insurance companies do require a referral letter from the primary care physician or dermatologist to qualify for reimbursement.

Are treatments by a beautician also covered?

Previously, treatments at specialized beauticians were sometimes reimbursed. Health insurers are stricter about this these days. Many insurers now state in their policy conditions that treatment is only reimbursed if performed by a skin therapist.

What is the advantage of a skin therapist over a beautician?

The advantage of a skin therapist over a beautician is the level of education and thus medical knowledge. With a skin therapist, you can count on very expert and reliable advice. A skin therapist is a paramedic with a college education who is always up to date and familiar with the new insights and developments within the field. At The Laser Clinic, we meet strict requirements and we work with a quality system. We are members of the professional association NVH and we are registered in the quality register of paramedics. We also have a BIG registration and a partnership with physicians and other disciplines.

Is reimbursement always more beneficial?

No, unfortunately it is possible that the reimbursement is lower than the monthly amount you have to pay extra. In that case, see if you will also take advantage of the other reimbursements or choose to pay for the treatments yourself. Since they are healthcare expenses, however, you can claim them as healthcare expenses on your tax return.

Does the fee stay the same every year?

No, health insurance companies generally adjust their terms and conditions every year. The amount may change, or a treatment may be removed from the package entirely. The requirements may also change; to have or not to have a referral letter, the age limit, the severity of the condition and which conditions. Therefore, always read the policy terms carefully before you sign up for a new supplemental health insurance policy or want to take advantage of reimbursement. Every year around mid-November, health insurers announce their new terms and conditions for the following year.

Are you affiliated with all health insurance companies?

Yes indeed! As health care providers, we are recognized by all health insurance companies. The codes used toward the health insurance company of both the providers and the practice are listed on the invoice. These are called the AGB codes.

Do I have to submit my invoice myself or do you do that?

After you have undergone treatment with us and paid your bill, you can submit it to your health insurance company yourself. The health insurance company reviews the application and you can expect the amount in your account within a few days to a week.

Are maintenance treatments necessary?

In general, an annual maintenance treatment is recommended, but this actually applies to any skin. This is by no means mandatory and only as needed. Keep in mind that there are triggering factors, such as sunlight, smoking, alcohol consumption and temperature changes, that can accelerate the recurrence of rosacea.

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