Pubic area laser on men, is it possible?

Laser hair removal of the pubic area has been a popular treatment with women for years. No more shaving irritations, smoother and even skin and no more thinking about hair removal at all. Ideal!

But what about this in men? At The Laser Clinic, we are noticing more and more requests coming in from men who would like to have their genital area depilated with the Clarity 2 laser. But about male pubic area lasering, unfortunately there is still little talk about it. This still makes the threshold high for many men today, and we at The Laser Clinic think that is a great pity.

High time for more information on this topic. Because when asked if men can have their pubic area lasered, the answer is: Yes, absolutely! So read about the reasons why other men also have their genital area depilated, how exactly this treatment works at The Laser Clinic, about the safety and take advantage of the great promotion we are currently running!

Men choose laser hair removal at the pubic area, why?

Laser hair removal in men is already widely done. Certainly back and chest hair removal, as well as lasering for a tight beard line, are popular at the moment.

The main reason for choosing laser hair removal is that it gives long-term results. In fact, laser hair removal is an effective way to get rid of 80-90% of your dark hair growth. And so this also applies to the male pubic area.

Men come to The Laser Clinic for intimate area hair removal for a variety of personal reasons. For example, you may suffer from shaving irritation, red bumps and ingrown hairs. This problem is often corrected after just a few laser treatments.

But hygiene is also a frequently cited reason. And, there are also partners who drag their husbands to The Laser Clinic: ‘I’m getting irritated myself down there from his stubble, so those hairs really need to go.’

Is laser hair removal in the male genital area safe?

Yes, but then you have to choose the right laser.

If you look at IPL hair removal, and the various laser types such as the Diode laser, Nd:YAG laser and Alexandrite laser, the latter two are the safest and most effective for the male pubic area.

In the genital area, the skin is often darker and the hairs are thicker and deeper rooted. A laser then takes a much more targeted approach here than an IPL because the laser beam works at one specific wavelength and has enough power for these deep, thicker hairs. IPL energy, on the other hand, still “fans out” too much to differentiate properly, so it loses power for this type of hair.

In addition, a laser should be able to “see” well the difference, between the darker genital skin and the darker hairs in this area. And here the wavelength of the laser plays a role. A laser such as the Clarity 2 (a combination of the Alexandrite and Nd:YAG) is fully adjustable to any skin tone, and has a much longer wavelength possible than the Diode laser, allowing the Clarity 2 to make this difference effortlessly. This makes the Clarity 2 ideally suited for lasering the male pubic area.

The Clarity 2 is the best laser for the male pubic area

At The Laser Clinic, because of its power and safety, we naturally chose the Clarity 2 laser. This effective combination of Alexandrite and Nd:YAG thus precisely targets the hair follicles in the genital area and leaves the surrounding skin alone.

In addition, the Clarity 2 can treat all parts of the genital area in men, including the penis, scrotum, buttock and anal skin.

And how exactly does such a laser treatment on the male pubic area work?

Laser hair removal in the male pubic area with the Clarity 2 is done very professionally and hygienically. As a man, you yourself shave away the hair in the area to be treated a day in advance. During treatment, there is no “contact. You hold yourself your intimate parts.

What is also very nice is that no gel is used on the skin (as with IPL). The treatment is thus hygienic and quick.

During the treatment, the laser puts pulses on the skin. Each pulse tackles an entire area of hair at once. Thus, you get rid of unwanted hair growth on your pubic area effectively and with minimal impact on the skin.

After treatment, the skin may be slightly red, but you can immediately resume your daily activities with ease.

The number of treatments needed can vary depending on the person and the amount of hair, but generally an average of 6-10 treatments are needed for optimal results, which can give a hair reduction of up to 80-90%. Furthermore, the treatment is painless and fast due to the cryo-cooling of the Clarity 2.

The Clarity 2 guarantees effective and precise treatment. It is the safest laser at the moment due to its pure wavelength and continuous temperature measurement.

Isn’t laser hair removal in the intimate area weird?

There are indeed individuals who find it unpleasant to perform such treatment. But at The Laser Clinic, this is precisely what we specialize in. So as a medically trained skin therapist, we don’t think this is weird!

The Laser Clinic does not offer a wide range of laser treatments for all kinds of applications, including laser hair removal, for nothing. And all skin colors as well as body parts are welcome, both women and men. We are also happy to help trans women prior to transition/operation.

As a man, are you about to take the step of getting your pubic area lasered? If so, as an experienced and medically trained skin therapist, we are happy to perform your laser hair removal pleasantly, professionally, safely and quickly. And right now there is also a great offer running. Treat yourself to this discount and we look forward to seeing you at The Laser Clinic!

Written by skin therapists Manon & Lori

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