Microneedling with a roller, Dermapen or Skinpen: what’s the difference?

If you search on skin improvement of scars, pigmentation, acne and wrinkles you will soon come across microneedling. Microneedling is one of the most popular treatments of the moment and (when done properly) an effective method for smooth, even and youthful skin. In this article, we will discuss the different methods in more detail. We look at skinpen vs Dermapen and microneedling with a roller.

Doctors, skin therapists, beauticians and other practitioners alike offer microneedling. But precisely because this supply is so large, you will come across all kinds of forms, rates and other differences online. That overload of information creates many question marks. After all, what is good for my skin?

At The Laser Clinic, we therefore receive many questions about what exactly is the difference between the various microneedling methods. What is really effective? And what about the safety of microneedling treatments?


What exactly is microneedling?

Microneedling is a treatment that uses tiny sterile needles to make tiny holes in the skin, causing the skin to repair and renew itself. This process stimulates the production of growth factors, collagen and elastin, which makes the skin firmer and smoother.

By combining this with the right ingredients or a specific peel, you can perform a very effective treatment for a wide range of skin problems. Treating wrinkles and lines for younger skin is common. But as a medically trained skin therapist, we also treat difficult pigmentation spots, deep (acne) scars and other skin complaints with microneedling.


The ‘at home’ dermaroller is best skipped

A home roller with needles often has only one length, and then cannot be adjusted to the proper depth of your skin. You have absolutely no control with that. If this is too superficial, the biggest risk will be that you won’t have results. But when it goes too deep, you can damage the skin, resulting in infection or scarring.

In addition, the needles of a home roller usually pierce the skin at an angle. This can cause scratches or larger wounds, whereas these should be controlled, vertical microperforations.

Clients who have ever used a dermaroller often report that they actually had no idea exactly how they did it and “just rolled over the skin. As a skin therapist, you are very aware of how the skin reacts and in which redness do I intensify or not. So also, always make sure you end up with a qualified and experienced professional.


Microneedling with the Skinpen or other derma pens?

So there are different brands and method for microneedling. Devices or derma pens without a seal of approval or when the needle depth cannot be adjusted properly can be skipped anyway because it can lead to uneven results or skin damage. It is also wise to choose an “up to date” model. The latest development, meeting the latest knowledge.

We chose the SkinPen for these reasons. The SkinPen contains medical CE mark class II and has ISO13485 certification. In addition, the SkinPen is the world’s first FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved microneedling device.

This technique uses patented technologies, such as a double-spring mechanism and precise needle positioning. The SkinPen can be completely personalized in terms of speed and depth, giving the skin therapist the necessary control over the treatment, such as when it is necessary to create spot bleeds, or not. The 36-point needle is for single use, and is made of safe surgical steel, for smooth and quick treatment.


How does a treatment with the Skinpen at The Laser Clinic work?

The treatment starts with a skin cleansing to balance the skin and the application of a glycerin-based intermediate fluid. Then the Skinpen is set to the correct depth and speed. The Skinpen then glides smoothly over the skin (SpeedWave Therapy) for about 20-30 minutes, during which you experience a slight tingle and warmth. On the forehead and around the eyes, it feels slightly sharper. Clients find this good to do. For deeper skin issues such as scars and wrinkles, we set a different depth. The microneedling treatment usually ends with a relaxing LED therapy post-treatment. This combination allows for faster and better recovery and the most optimal result for even, hydrated and healthy skin.

After the treatment, you will be given an aftercare kit with two products. For the first 24 hours use the white tube with the skinfuse elevator and after 24 hours use the blue tube with the skinfuse rescue gel. For the first 24 hours, do not apply anything else to the skin. After 24 hours, you may apply mild products and an SPF 50 over the skinfuse rescue gel. The drifting advice is to stay out of the sun for 24 hours and keep the skin dry. For the first few days after treatment, avoid direct sunlight, sauna, hot showers, swimming and intense exercise. The skin is light red the first day and feels tight. After a week, you already begin to notice a difference on the skin’s hydration and a beautiful glow begins to show. Collagen production for skin firming becomes visible after 6-8 weeks and then continues for 3-6 months. Therefore, we recommend a course of several treatments so that you achieve optimal results for lasting results.

Tip: The cure is also possible within the skin specials. Then you get 4+1 treatment free and you can alternate skin improvement treatments with the laser, IPL, LED and Tixel.

Further searching is thankfully no longer necessary. As qualified skin therapists with the safe and effective SkinPen, we would love to help you with skin improvement through successful microneedling, book an appointment now!

Written by skin therapists Manon & Lori

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