Getting rid of ingrown hairs

It is an annoying problem and anyone who has ever suffered from ingrown hairs knows how uncomfortable it can be. The itching and irritation are one thing, but the long-lasting red bumps or dark spots are something you want to avoid! Especially on your face, or in uncomfortable places like your armpits or groin. Is it possible to get rid of ingrown hairs? Yes, definitely! As skin therapists, we would therefore like to give you practical tips against ingrown hairs and inform you about treatment options. So that you can enjoy smooth, soft and even skin again as soon as possible.

How do ingrown hairs occur?

Ingrown hairs occur when a hair grows back into the skin, instead of outward. When the hair pierces the skin, a small lump or red, swollen area appears. Ingrown hairs most commonly occur in areas where shaving is done, such as the beard, armpits, groin, pubic area and legs. This happens for several reasons, including:

  • A hair can break off during shaving and grow the wrong way.
  • Tight or abrasive clothing can cause skin irritation.
  • Accumulation of dead skin cells can block the hair follicles.
  • The type of hair, for example thick, coarse or curly hair, can cause more ingrowth.
  • As skin therapists, we always look at these reasons with you. That way we can get to the root of the problem!


Consequences of ingrown hairs

When you suffer a lot from these ingrown hairs, it negatively affects the skin. The bumps and redness may itch, making the spots worse. Pimples or inflammation develop. They can even cause scarring. As skin therapists, we are familiar with this problem and understand how annoying it is – especially if it keeps coming back – and that you are looking for a solution that really helps.

What can I do about ingrown hairs myself?

Fortunately, there are some practical pieces of advice you can already try for yourself.

Watch your shaving technique

If hairs are shaved off too short, they can grow in more easily. Therefore, it may help to shave electrically, rather than with a razor. Sometimes just a different razor can help. Or another shaving product. As skin therapists, we always have some useful tips about shaving to offer during a free initial consultation!

Proper skin care

Skin that is too dry or instead thickened by dead skin cells can perpetuate ingrown hairs. Hydrate troubled skin with, for example, hyal ceutic and exfoliate with, for example, Foamer 15 (both from Dermaceutic). This product gently removes dead skin cells, making it easier for hairs to pass through the skin. Depending on the skin, there are other exfoliants available. But in any case, avoid an overly coarse scrub. This can actually cause skin irritation.

Are there any treatments for ingrown hairs?

Does your skin keep getting restless or have you already tried everything? Then we as skin therapists would be happy to help you further during a free initial consultation. In fact, after seeing your skin, we can give the best advice that will work for you.

Because yes, there are even multiple treatments available for ingrown hairs. When pimples and inflammation are present, we offer effective cleansing treatments to prevent further irritation and scarring. Exfoliations can also help remove dead skin cells so that the hairs come out of the skin without causing inflammation.

And would you like to get rid of hair growth so the skin stays really smooth? Then laser therapy is the best solution. For example, the Alexandrite laser is ideal for thin hairs that cause bumps. And when the hairs are actually stiff and thick, such as in the beard area or intimate areas, the ND-YAG laser is most effective.

The added value of the skin therapist for ingrown hairs

As skin therapists, we are experts in skin problems, including ingrown hairs. And so we understand the impact this can have on your daily life. Because we have extensive experience in reducing unwanted hair through laser therapy and are recognized by all health insurance companies, in some cases reimbursement is even possible!

Our treatments are always customized. Through a combination of professional laser treatments and guidance, we help to effectively address your ingrown hairs so that your skin becomes smooth again with long-lasting results.

Would you like to go ahead and take action against ingrown hairs now? Our experienced skin therapists are here for you! Don’t wait any longer and take the first step to smooth skin now. Make an appointment today with the skin therapists at The Laser Clinic for a free initial consultation to see what’s possible for you.”

Written by skin therapists Manon & Lori

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